Set up your store

Our online stores are pre-made for your convenience and can be customized any way you want. We created super easy video tutorials that will walk you through the process on how to set up your store step by step.

Video tutorial: basic features

  • 0:13 Choosing a domain
  • 1:01 Setting the password via the email link
  • 1:53 Configuring the contact form settings
  • 3:01 Configuring the store’s order notifications
  • 3:42 Changing the website’s name, slogan and administration email address
  • 4:26 Setting the business name for outgoing emails
  • 4:54 Uploading your logo
  • 5:19 Change text and images
  • 7:19 Adding links to social media icons in the footer
  • 7:51 Uploading products and categories
  • 11:37 Configuring the payment settings
  • 13:11 Setting up automated taxes

Video tutorial: silver & gold features

  • 0:08 Logging in to your business email account (silver & gold)
  • 1:33 Editing the legal pages (silver & gold)
  • 2:43 Changing the affiliate program settings (gold)
  • 3:28 Setting up currency based on customers location (gold)