AliExpress order fulfillment

When you get an order for a product from AliExpress, you have to place the order with your AliExpress supplier and have the product shipped directly to your customer. To find the supplier of your product, you to the products page in your admin panel, click edit and scroll down to “Supplier Info”. If you imported the product from DropShip Me, this is were you’ll find the suppliers’ information and the product URL on AliExpress. If you didn’t import your product from DropShip Me, you can still manually add the suppliers’ information to the “Supplier Info” section when uploading a new product. 

To fulfill an order, click the product URL and purchase the product your customer ordered. Make sure to fill in your customers’ address and leave a note to the supplier so they know you’re dropshipping. You do this to prevent them from putting invoices or promo materials with their business name on it. Here’s a standard text you can use for this:

“We are dropshipping! Please, do not include any invoices or promo materials into the package.”